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Sedalia Hemp Holistics: Our Story...from a dream to a reality...

Hello from Eric and Lou Ann Clark. In 2008 we were blessed with a beautiful home with 10 acres in Sedalia Colorado. Time has taken its toll on our bodies. Our daughter and son-in-law suggested Hemp Oil for our aches and pains. This started our journey as Hemp Farmers! Hemp has relieved our pain and stiffness without a "high" effect. We have also been able to benefit from a full night’s sleep since we have been using our hemp products. We have found that there are many uses and benefits from our Hemp products.

Sedalia CBD products are hand crafted utilizing hemp grown right here in beautiful Sedalia Colorado. We nurture our product from seed to fully mature plant with no pesticides or chemicals.

We harvest by hand and extract our full spectrum CBD oil to ultimately provide these exceptional products to you!



We carefully start our seeds indoors, in a controlled environment with good soil, lots of nurture, some soothing music to promote positive growth, and NEVER ANY chemicals!!!



When our plants are strong and mature enough, we move them into our fields in the beautiful foothills of the Rocky Mountains, where crisp clean air, abundant sunshine, clean mountain water and our constant care nurture their growth.



These hemp plants are carefully tended on their journey to maturity! We test our crop as we go to insure that the plants meet the stringent Colorado standards for a viable hemp crop. From these beautiful plants will come the CBD that we will create our products from for you!



When our hemp plants are fully mature we harvest them at the peak moment for their maximum potency within the standards and guidelines of hemp regulation here in Colorado!



We collect all these healing hemp plants and prepare them to be taken for processing, where we will extract CBD from these chemical and pesticide free plants to create the Sedalia CBD products to ship your way!

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